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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a “no place blog” at the moment.

My goal is to learn to create and maintain a website.  If/when I feel myself to be reasonably competent in this endeavor I will evolve my website into a discussion forum by posting my personal musings on a wide range of subjects.

I once read a thought that has remained with me throughout my life (and I paraphrase it badly): “When speaking one can do only two one of two things: say something they already know or tell a lie.  To learn one must listen.”

If/when this learning process upon which I am embarking does become a blog my hope will be that others will respond (agree, alter, argue, whatever).

When I write about my perspective on a subject I can only repeat what I already know or think.  When someone writes in response I, by reading, will be listening and, in that way, learning.